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2013 has been a really important year for us. We've continued to expand and improve Cookie Stumbler's advanced heuristics engine throughout the year, ensuring that it remains most effective way of removing tracking cookies from Macs as new privacy threats are being released. With Cookie Stumbler 2's release in November 2013, we introduced features no other cookie manager can match. We hope that 2014 will make the best even better.

Stay tuned for great updates & happy new year!

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Cookie Stumbler 2 is here. Rewritten from scratch and featuring a re-engineered heuristics engine that detects up to 6 times as many tracking cookies as its predecessor and that processes cookies up to 40 times faster, Cookie Stumbler 2 still includes all the features that you love, but takes them all a step further to make the best even better.

Time Saving

Cookie Stumbler 2 quickly analyses your Mac's cookies and lets you know how many tracking cookies it has found - a task that would have taken a lot of time when going through a large amount of cookies by yourself. Thanks to Cookie Stumbler's unmatched heuristics engine, you'll get a reliable, up-to-date tracking report within just a few moments.

Smart Cleaning

Cookie Stumbler 2 introduces "Smart Cleaning". Rather than going through the tedious process of telling Cookie Stumbler your domain preferences one by one, Smart Cleaning allows you to achieve the same effect using a single rule. You choose the criteria and what to do with cookies that match it - Cookie Stumbler will handle the rest.

Centralized control over your cookies

Rather than having to manage each web browsers' cookies separately, Cookie Stumbler 2 consolidates them into one convenient location. And thanks to Cookie Stumbler 2's brand new categorization & search tools, this kind of a task has become simpler than ever.

Compatible with major web browsers

Cookie Stumbler 2 supports all major web browsers out of the box, which include Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Opera, iCab, Camino, Roccat, Adobe Flash Player & Microsoft Silverlight. Support for additional web browsers can be achieved using web browser plugins.

Maintains your Mac

Cookie Stumbler 2 features various maintenance programmes, which ensure that your web browsers use less hard drive space, are faster, more reliable and safer to use. You can run these programmes anytime by yourself or as part of a regular cookie cleaning operation.

Keep track on tracking cookies

Advertising companies use cookies to track you. Time to return the favor. Cookie Stumbler 2 features an intuitive statistics system which will provide you with a clear overview of your recent cookie activity. And, using Cookie Stumbler 2's new mapping system, you can even track cookies back.

For more details see this page

Upgrading to Cookie Stumbler 2

Customers who have purchased Cookie Stumbler 1.x on or after October 7th can upgrade to Cookie Stumbler 2.0 for free. All other customers can upgrade for just $10. This is because the license fee for version 1.x consisted of $10 for the application + $9+ for the cookie definitions subscription. Therefore, we're charging for the new application only. Your cookie definition subscriptions will continue to function as normal and do not need to be re-purchased.

To migrate your data from Cookie Stumbler 1.x, launch Cookie Stumbler 2 and select "Migrate Data ..." in the menu. Cookie Stumbler will import the data available from the previous version before uninstalling it from your system. More information can be found in Cookie Stumbler's "Help" menu.

System Requirements Supported Web Browsers