Syncing data from iOS to Mac with Cookie Stumbler

January 11th 2016

Cookie Stumbler 2.6.3 for Mac & Cookie Stumbler Mobile 2.6.7 have just been released adding some exciting new synchronization possibilities to the software. Both your Mac and your iPhone can now talk to each other and exchange Cookie Stumbler data - and since OS X synchronizes your Safari cookies to all your iOS devices, using Cookie Stumbler on any device now compliments this function brilliantly.

Cookie Stumbler for Mobile Safari

November 16th 2015

Great news from WriteIt! Studios - Cookie Stumbler is now available for iOS 9. It integrates directly into Mobile Safari with the same state-of-the-art heuristics engine that you rely on on your Mac.

Yep, that's right, this isn't a separate web browser, you can continue using Safari and still be protected against the newest privacy threats. Wirelessly sync your keeplists / blacklists with Cookie Stumbler for Mac (requires version 2.6 or newer), investigate domains and maintain your tracking opt-outs, on the go.

Cookie Stumbler & "El Capitan" (OS X 10.11)

August 4th 2015

Since Apple's move to test OS X & iOS beta builds among the general public, we've had a lot of correspondence from customers asking about Cookie Stumbler's compatibility with the new operating system. Cookie Stumbler currently does not officially support OS X "El Capitan", but we already have developed a version that will. This version will be delivered as a software update to all customers when the final beta of the operating system has been released, ensuring maximum compatibility and the kind of quality you expect from our software.

Cookie Stumbler 2.5 Update

June 25th 2015

Cookie Stumbler 2.5 is now available and introduces a much requested new feature: Private Browsing. This mode removes tracking cookies as you browse the web, while allowing useful cookies to be stored on your Mac. It is compatible with all web browsers that Cookie Stumbler supports - no plugins or browser extensions are required.

You can find this new feature in the "Cookie Stumbler" main menu.

Cookie Stumbler 2.5 also marks the end to Camino support. Development on the web browser itself has been discontinued since May 30th 2013. Cookie Stumbler will obviously continue support all available alternatives to Camino for the foreseeable future.

Introducing Cookie Stumbler Basic for Windows

September 24th 2014

Cookie Stumbler, the OS X standard for detecting and deleting tracking cookies on OS X has arrived for PC.

After three and a half months of development, we've ported our highly successful Cookie Stumbler heuristics engine to Windows, ensuring that any future security updates will be incorporated into both the Mac and Windows versions of the program. Cookie Stumbler Basic for Windows will also receive the same definition updates as Cookie Stumbler 2 does, subject to an active cookie subscription.

Since Windows provides an entirely different user experience as compared to Mac OS X, the design process was not an easy task. However, we have done our best to ensure that the user interface, keyboard shortcuts, file type icons and the application workflow remain generally consistent on both platforms, which will reduce the learning curve on either platform.

If you are a Mac user, don't forget to download Cookie Stumbler 2.2, which has also been released today. It features support for Windows file formats (import + export), significant improvements to its heuristics engine, introduces OS X 10.10 support and fixes a number of user-reported bugs (Changelog).

Note that Cookie Stumbler for Windows will be in Beta until September 30th as we're testing compatibility with various forms of system configurations.

Why release Cookie Stumbler for Windows?

Generally speaking, anti-virus programs etc. perform very poorly in detecting and removing tracking cookies as compared to our advanced heuristics engine. Using our longterm experience in providing solutions against tracking cookies, Cookie Stumbler Basic has been developed specifically to fill this gap on Windows too.

I already own Cookie Stumbler 2 for Mac. Can I use my license on its Windows version?

Existing customers can use enable their license for use with Cookie Stumbler for Windows for just $5.

Can I transfer my data from Cookie Stumbler for Mac to Cookie Stumbler for Windows and vice-versa?

Yes you can, provided that you have downloaded and installed the most recent Cookie Stumbler update (requires Cookie Stumbler 2.2 or greater). As it is the case with Cookie Stumbler 2, you can also import data from other cookie managers.

System Requirements
  • Windows Vista or newer
  • 10MB hard drive space
Supported Web Browsers
  • Internet Explorer 7 or newer
  • Firefox 27.0.1 or newer
  • Google Chrome 29.0 or newer
  • Chromium 28.0 or newer
  • Opera 16.0 or newer
  • Adobe Flash Player or newer

New Product Teaser

September 12th 2014

After five months of development, we're excited to announce the release of a new application to the public next week, a product that many (including us!) didn't think we could do. Here's a little teaser:

New Website

July 19th 2014

As promised, we've just updated our website with a brand-new design, aimed at making the website easier to use and to navigate through. A new "My Account" area will also follow shortly, allowing you to easily manage the software licenses that you have purchased from us.

What's up at WriteIt! Studios?

May 22nd 2014

As many of you may have noticed, customer support was offline once in April and once at the beginning of May, where I cited "personal commitments" as the reason for going off the grid for a while. This was because apart from working at WriteIt! Studios, I'm also a final year student in International Law at a UK university. The school year ends in less than a month, which meant that I was kept really busy by my final year dissertation for the last two months, which has now finally been handed in.

Now that I have some time again, work has resumed at WriteIt! Studios - and I have a couple of exciting announcements to make:

  • Cookie Stumbler will receive its 2.1 incremental update soon, introducing new localizations and a couple of new and exciting features.
  • A new product will be announced soon. While I can't say what it's about yet, it will make a lot of customers very happy, especially those owning Cookie Stumbler licenses.
  • The WriteIt! Studios website will be revamped to allow easier account and license management.

Check back soon for further updates or follow us on on Facebook or Twitter.