New Product Teaser

August 12th 2014

After five months of development, we're excited to announce the release of a new application to the public next week, a product that many (including us!) didn't think we could do. Here's a little teaser:

New Website

July 19th 2014

As promised, we've just updated our website with a brand-new design, aimed at making the website easier to use and to navigate through. A new "My Account" area will also follow shortly, allowing you to easily manage the software licenses that you have purchased from us.

What's up at WriteIt! Studios?

May 22nd 2014

As many of you may have noticed, customer support was offline once in April and once at the beginning of May, where I cited "personal commitments" as the reason for going off the grid for a while. This was because apart from working at WriteIt! Studios, I'm also a final year student in International Law at a UK university. The school year ends in less than a month, which meant that I was kept really busy by my final year dissertation for the last two months, which has now finally been handed in.

Now that I have some time again, work has resumed at WriteIt! Studios - and I have a couple of exciting announcements to make:

  • Cookie Stumbler will receive its 2.1 incremental update soon, introducing new localizations and a couple of new and exciting features.
  • A new product will be announced soon. While I can't say what it's about yet, it will make a lot of customers very happy, especially those owning Cookie Stumbler licenses.
  • The WriteIt! Studios website will be revamped to allow easier account and license management.

Check back soon for further updates or follow us on on Facebook or Twitter.